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I had the epic idea a couple of days ago to make a Grimoire of all the magical beings that i love from books and shows and history....

Ever since i thought it up i have been hunched over a notepad writing constantly. I has been an enormous amount of fun to study something which though pointless i'm so interested in.

When i finish all my research i can start to draw and if i can i'm going to make this as epic as possible and try and use the sketch's as homework for my drawing class.

Slash minded

I've been trying to figure out in my head for a while know how long i have been a complete slash perv....then i had a stroke of genius and remembered that i would of made my Livejournal account specifically to read Knk fics (best work ever READ)

So i found the web comic Aracana http://arcana.comicgenesis.com/

Then i followed a link on that site to their fanfiction site http://fatalistic.net/knkfics/main.html

And when i read everything i could get to on that site i found the beautiful little link down the bottom of the page to all their fantastic original livejournal stuff :D

I would call it a very sexy 4 and a half years


On tuesday Disturbed officially popped my fucking cherry.

I think it was the best thing that has evey happened in my life. Yes that good.

I'll bump you up to speed, Disturbed are one of my favorite bands, they are fucking FANTASTIC. This was only the second time they have been to Australia and i almost thought we were going to miss it..like 3 times. But we got there in the end and seriously nothing else even matters. Went up there with a heap of my closest friends as well which just shoved it to new heights of FUCKING SWEET! (Bonnie, Jesse, Tricky, Tuli, Jake)

They have a few supporting bands first, Behind Crimson Eyes who i dident like much (but i'm not sure if that may of just been because all compareded with Disturbed basically blow). Then P.O.D played, i havent heard much of their stuff but they are the guys that wrote 'youth of the nation' which is a pretty sweet song and it had most of the audience getting involved. Their lead singer goes off like a motherfucker as well so that was cool.

Then they started, lead singer got brought out in a straightjacket and they just jumped straight into it, after a few songs he got everyone in the stands to stop being twats and stand up. I think one of my favorite bits was when he was asking how many of us were new to concerts and her said it would be their honor to 'Pop your fucking CHERRIES!!!' XD, the roar was spectacualar.
They dident just stick to 'Indestructable' either, they played hit of theirs from across the board like i had hoped they would. I was going off, i think every time i hear ten thousnad fists now i'm going to imagine the truely EPIC sight of ten thousand fucking fists in the fucking air.
They did a fake end as well, just left stage with no warning and dident come back for like 7 minutes, we roared, cheered, yelled, stomped and roared some more. i think i only saw like 1 person actually leave...fools. They played like another 6 songs or something when they came back, i like to think they were pleased by our effort.

I seriously gave that concert my all, who knows when they will be back?, i'll be there when they are though. I think i spent the whole thing roaring (i like to think i'm pretty good at it to) i couldent speak much for a few days but it was worth it. I just knew that i had to give 200% so i would be happy with my effort.

I came out of it thinking 'I can die happy', which is a bit extreme...i dont want to die, but it speaks miles for how awsome it was.

.........now to get System back together and to Australia.......hell i would settle for Serge.


I don't get scared easy....like some of my friends.

Mog, Jesse and me used to hangout together alot, mostly at Mogs, sometimes at Jesse's and twice at mine (my Dads reputation precides him) i dident smoke much but they both did and most of the time we would just lie around listening to music and crap.

One day we were at Moggy's just us, well this huge huntsman spider ran up the wall (we get em big) Mog ran away and they both convinced me to kill it so i got a candle stick and through much screaming and such (on their part) i was victorious, spider all squished and green. Because Jesse had been so unmanly about the whole thing i swung the stick around so the dead spider was right next to his face, he yelled and then the spider fell of onto his lap, he screams jumps up and gos and hides in Mogs brothers bed (which is not as bad as it sounds since said bed was 2 meters away). For about a year after this there was a big green stain on Mogs wall were the battle took place.....right on her yr 6 graduation certificate. Nice!

Another pretty cool thing that happened on a similar day was when i made pancakes. Because they were stoned and all Mog and Jesse would try and get me to make them food, i usually did since food it good but i have a pretty deranged mind and one day i went down and made pancakes, cooked mine and then added blue food dye to the mix and made the rest. It was Epic, and Jesse still ate them as well XD


'Who's foot is that?'

When Morrigan and John started going out it was the holidays, i spent the entire time with the 2 basically doing nothing, we diden't have electricity for anything even...anyway its not supriseing that this is when i decided it could be fun to try pot, being stoned all that. The best description i think being stoned for me ever was is that it makes doing nothing intresting so it was obviously a good way to pass the time. I smoked for about 2 weeks basically every day but it got boring so i stopped, i do have some funny memories of that time though the stand out being this.

A lot of the time when i'm stoned i kinda forget about sitting up and slowly tilt to one side and eventually either realise i'm doing it and sit up or be ultra lazy and just kinda stay fallen over, me John and Mog were all on this little single bed i came out of a bit of a stoned daze and looking over across the bed, over a bit was a foot, curious i reached out and patted it 'who's foot is this' i asked taking my hand back. After a minute or so i look over and see that i have clearly patted Johns butt, cue my quick exit. Mog came out after me and we bother practiacally pissed ourselves laughing before going in to tell John...he thought it had been Mog.

Some Dreams

Havent had any good ones that i've written down enough to remember well.....apart from that one about the Pope...drinking....and me protecting him from the Dinosuars......yeah

.....some older stuff then? XD

(After waking up to Jesse and Mog going at it and having a hellish time falling asleep again)

I wake up and me and Tracy (Jesse's mum) tease Mog until she sits on the couch and starts to cry. Mandy's room (Jesse's sister) is an extention to the house and has been turned into a lounge room with an extra front door, some random guy walks in with a chalky limbless dead male torso under one arm, im amazed because it realise i've never seen a dead body in real life before.
A random guy sitting on the couch jumps up and thanks the guy that brought him the torso, he tries to rip out the dead heads eyes (which it magically now has on its head..). They fly out and roll away which makes to guy really pissed off me Jesse and some random guys try and calm the bloke down. We find out that the reason he is angry is because the eye was a glass eye. We find it, its cracked but we add it to his pile of mutilated bulgeing eyes just outside the door, the guy leaves.
I go into the kitchen and Mark (my dad) rocks up in his blue truck, he gives me half a carton of beer, i scull one straight away and he goes into the other room. I go and tell Jesse my dad brought up beer and give him one, Later the beer and Mark are missing. The fridge is full of other brands though. eye guy comes back and tells us how he collects the eyes because they have gangreen.

(No real break in dream sequence here)

I'm a investigator and me and my team (randoms) are looking into a zombie couple who are living like humans under the agreement that they won't kill anyone, they say they like living were they are and don't want us to kill them, they promise they havent eaten anyone and offer to show us around the block. They display how they can magic themselves to look normal to the public. They are nice and me and my team like them as do the neighbours but we find out the guy killed someone so we make a big sign "We'll Miss You" and hang it over their house then regretfully kill them with rusty knives.

(This one was about a year after those 2)

I organised to go over to Jesse's for a games weekend, went uptown to get stuff but got into a rant about how peace works and should work to make the world a more peaceful place. I meet George Bush in the Apothicary and my trying to convince him i'm right causes him to get pissed off at me and restrains me in a carpet. I convince him i'm right so he lets me go. I run down to the school but its dark and the buses have left, a massive soccor match is happening in the top paddock. Were i am is behind were top goal is, Arpad is defending. There is a big hole in the fence which i go through, all the audeince is behind the other sides goal. Julie runs up and shows me her water bottle, she is acting druggy hyper and acting as refree, coach and player for both sides shouting comands. I head away from her to a big group of cheerleaders (like 40) who are doing a Mexican wave thing dance routine, Tula from 'Fat Pizza' is crowd surfing and is then held by a girl who holds her bridal style before throwing her to a guy who does the same. I see Jesse over in the audience with Emma D, he is in a baby cribe with a net over it and Emma is standing next to him chatting, i apoligize for being late for the bus and explain to them how George Bush had kept me hostage because of my peace veiw, i realise how crazy that is and see that i'm clearly dreaming.

(Can't remember a lot of the details for this one)

I'm the main character in a role playing type game which is set in a big old industrial type building with bug aliens and weird people, the weapons are swords and there are magic weapons. The building has big lifts and vents which i follow creatures in to kill them, i'm decked out in full body armour. Alia (sister) is with me following me the whole time dressed in normal clothes and acting basically oblivious the the battles, I jump down a vent to follow a big slug creature and come out on a diffrent floor and see a parade of monk looking humanoid walk past. Me and Alia get in a lift and Caitlyn gets on at one of the stops, Alia is really emmbarrised because were in Rivers.



Morrigan and me were once fairly close friends with some Aboriginal girls who lived in upper Lismore, this came about when Morrigan was getting close to John. We used to go up there and stay for the whole weekend because of the effort it took to get home, Amy and Aprils parents were rather poor and one sunday up there we went to the shops and bought things for a picnic before walking to the local park to cook it up on the grill.

I think this was all around year 9, i actually got drunk for the first time there, Amy and April's dad bought a bottle of vodka for me and i sat on the floor drinking and watching 'IT', Morrigan decided the middle of the night was a good time to cut the lawn.....

Anyway back to the park, after food we went exploring, the place had a bit of a creek and a tunnel which went under the highway i think, we gathered up straw lawn clipping stuff and made a fire in the middle of the tunnel....twas a wall of fire. About 10 minutes after this bright idea someone noticed that the smoke was coming out and blowing onto the highway and the open.......so cut to us putting out the fire and moving on pretty quick. Next i think it was John that suggested playing some 'Chicken', you know that game they play in old movies, car vs car and all that?. Our chicken was car vs stupid teens. It was John mostly, jumping out of the way in a relatively safe amount of time of course (well as safe as is possible when being retarded), Mog gave it a few goes but stopped when John started trying to get her to flash the cars as well. We headed home after that......fun day at the park for all


Holy fuck >

I should NOT have to deal with this....seriously who needs Frank, Mark and Franca in your kitchen talking about sex, fighting demons and more sex......its enough to make you listen to crazy anime music full blast on headphones.....and shuder, loads of shudering......

Frank got up and started screaming before.....my music was to load to heard why, i just heard the screaming, my best guess is he was peforming a demon fight......how old are these people again?.....
I think i'm going to buy myself a dream journal.

Unlike some strange people who mentally try to be random becasue they are under the impression that pointless randomness equals cool, i'm actually just like that. My complete nonsense even manages to leak into my dreams.

I don't dream very often, but when i do and i can remeber i alway try to write it down, i was looking through my maths book the other day and found a transcript of a dream i had about zombies, it was sweet :). I remeber in the dream seeing some random walk into the lounge room with a dead bodies torso and thinking 'hey cool i've never seen i decapatated body part before :)'. Things just got weirder.
Anyway the dream i wrote this because of was last night when i was ploting stuff with George Bush of all people and then he got annoyed about something i implied and trapped me inside a carpet. After my triumphent escape i went down to school and witnessed a big cheerleader dance number featuring the actress that plays Tula in Fat pizza crowd surfing. The whole dream was kinda centered on Jesse (i had to escape Bush so i could go to Jesse's and play video games) so i found him and Emma (in a cot wrapped in mossie net) and was appoligising for being late and makeing them miss the bus by recounting why..........during reflecting my brain usaully realises what a load of bullshit my imagination has sucked it into and gets pissy.

lol, stupid brain, my dreams tend to follow a extremely unrealistic path, but by useing places and people i know they get away with it for quite awhile. I wonder if i sleep talk?, i would pay to see that shit


Bored?, is it late at night?, nothing to do?, can't sleep?, i have the solution annoy your friends!!!!!, i just went round Bebo posting the most random load of bull shit i could come up with.......this is here because i want a copy of this stuff :P


1)The other day at Crawl-Home-Drunk-Oclock, Ethen investigated the mystery of..the mystery. He had misplaced his left had and was in a perilous search to uncover the evil bastard...who owned him money (and how). The trail was cold but Ethen is certain the Ted the penguin will help, ALAS! he had not forseen the obsticle of the terriorist group force toast, who had recently been subjet to a hardy gang war with rival fudge packers. Thus machine guns and jam.
His cheating slut of a left hand (and its digits) was surley a lost cause. Retiring to the fact Ethen quit early and went swimming.
Contently muching on a chocolate life sized arm he pondered his next move..which bar should be hit?, test results can back inconclusive and he was forced to steal a bottle of rum from a hobo. ADVENTURES!!!, because rum means pirates and pirates mean sea, and sea means pirates and pirates mean rum. Stuck in this neverending loop Ethen went swimming...with rum, and a hat. All in a hard (confusing)days work

2)THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE!! The loop was broken lack of rum destroyed the delicate cycle, washing was in order, through the mountains Ethen manuvered with his weed wacker on a stick. The holy relic was in sight. Oh happy day!!. Short attention span kicked into his brain, a new tumour friend. Now of to party over the fun rainbow, Ethen and the tumour, affectionatly named Gerry journeyed through the scarced lands with the protection of the stake firing missile gun (great protection against lepasy) which was aquired from the giant puddle of muddy goo and other nasty stuffs, snorkles had been required.
One must not forget however that the gun fires electrically..BRING YOUR EXTENSION CORD!!!!
Unless your a zombie, Gerry argues he can not hold a large calaba weapon, shot him!
Ethen upon the discovery that the leathal head shot he gave Gerry rejoiced upon his good aim and his aquirment of his spiffy new weapon. An expedition back to muddy yucky goo puddle must be arranged, profit would insure!

3)Lit up all like a winter-mass-ness tree and such (with a ceptor) Ethen realised the folly to his plan...MUD WOULD JAM THE STAKES!!!, faced with this simple obsticle the project was forgoten for a individual not suffering from retardation. Odds were high the guns would never find a new home.
Ethen desided to try for the consumption of a smart juice, unable to choose between coffee awakeness and beer happyness a clever invention was created and tested. But that was okay as Ted the pengui had the Detox clinic on speed dial- already on there way even. But Ethen escaped there attempted capture with a daring flight; through a 8 story window, no pigions were harmed during the pain.....several cats....lol
High on life and beercoffeesoda....mainly the later, pursuit of the affections of the solitary and reclusion lamppost were undertaken, alone and rejected Ethen cut down his love with a modifyed chainsaw (glow in the dark shinyness). It was okay though as many inocent bystanders were injured.

4)Ethen and the pole found common ground through their murder charges and ran away to muddy puddle for a daring second attempt, it failed

I shall be performing advanced property redistribution technique, were after if i do not like physical state transferal procedure shall be employed for my own amusement. Comply or i will be forced to perform vexing persons removal tactic on your body.....and possible those of your family and friends......don't worth nobody's advanced intterigation methods will succeed in the disclosure of my secrets.....and all shall be well in the world (aka steal, burn, murder, torture)

This is a little something i belive you need to hear that will deffinatly alter your life course and such.........YOUR CHHIIILLLDRENN!!!!, WIIIILLLL NUUMMMBER THHHEEEE SSSSSSTTTTTAAARRRSSSSSSS

When trying to light a fishy on fire under water always remember to focus your inner gallblader; thus to harness the power of the rotten monkeys. You must not forget on your path to greatness that fun equals pizza explosions, with extra cheese and elk on your side order of light bulb.

The dwarf says 'gender-neteral pronouns', remember and cherish.

Scientists have discovered the disturbing discovery that 9 out of 10 shoes are numb, this brings about the equally disturbing question.

Does coffee bleed?

If this is found true me must face the alarming truth, that life is but a giant cake mold, and we have been fooled; our gooey chocolate centers have been replaced by the mere raisens of society scub...and raisens......with mountains of cabbage.

Remember the egg is the elderly person and your hand is that of justice!
Understand this and you can save lives.
I recommend filling soccer balls with Napalm...

Napalm= Natures toothpaste